Amsler Grid

Amsler-grid-2-350The Amsler Grid is a simple and convenient screening test that can be performed at home to assess macular function. The Amsler Grid has dark horizontal and vertical lines forming a grid pattern with a central fixation point. If any changes are detected on the grid, contact our optometrists as soon as possible. These changes include wavy lines, missing areas, or holes on the grid. The earlier the condition is detected, the higher the success rate of treatment.

Directions of use: If you wear glasses or reading glasses put them on before doing the assessment.

  • Hold the grid at a comfortable reading distance
  • Cover one eye. Look at the centre of the grid.
  • Without moving your eyes look to see if all the lines are straight and if the squares look the same. Look for any distortion or missing lines.
  • Cover the other eye and repeat the procedure.