Astigmatism is a common eye condition caused by an optical imperfection of the eye – most commonly because of the irregular shape of the cornea (the front membrane of the eye) or the irregular curvature of the natural lens within the eye.

Astigmatism results in blurry vision at all distances.

The majority of people have a small degree of astigmatism that does not significantly affect their vision. Patients with higher degrees of astigmatism require either spectacles or contact lenses to achieve clear comfortable vision. Laser refractive surgery can also be an option to correct astigmatism for some patients.

For patients with astigmatism combined with either high hyperopia or high myopia clear lens refractive surgery may also be considered.

Your optometrist can discuss which correction options are most appropriate for you.

For more information on astigmatism including an animated example of the condition please click here: (Captiv 8 link to : Optical Prescription- Astigmatism)