Keratoconus is a non-inflammatory distortion of the cornea (the front membrane of the eye) that results in a thinning of the central part of the cornea. As a result of the thinning, the normally smooth, rounded corneal surface develops a bulge or cone resulting in distorted vision.

While slow progressing, this disorder does not lead to blindness but in moderate to advanced cases can be quite disabling.  The distortions in vision caused by keratoconus can make reading, computer usage, driving and other everyday tasks difficult.

Keratoconus may take years to develop and generally affects both eyes. No single cause of keratoconus has been found but research has found that allergies and frequent eye rubbing are common to people with keratoconus,

In most cases of advanced keratoconus patients find that conventional spectacles no longer give satisfactory vision and specialised hard contact lenses provide the best and most stable correction of vision.

For some patients with the most advanced form of keratoconus even specialised hard contact lenses cannot provide satisfactory vision necessitating surgical intervention, usually involving a corneal graft or related procedure.

For more information on keratoconus including an animated example of the condition please click here: (Captiv 8 link to : Eye Conditions – keratoconus)