Myopia (short or near sightedness) is a condition where objects in the distance appear blurred whilst near objects remain relatively clear.

Early indications of myopia include having difficulty with night driving, problems with reading signs at distance (eg road signs) or, for students, finding it difficult to read information from a smart board at the front of the classroom.

Myopia occurs where a patient’sis eyeball is longer than usual or where the cornea (the front membrane of the eye) is too highly curved.

Myopia is most often corrected using spectacles or contact lenses. For many patients laser refractive surgery or clear lens refractive surgery are also options that maybe considered.

Your optometrist can discuss which correction options are most appropriate for you.

For more information on myopia including an animated example of the condition please click here: (Captiv 8 link to : Optical Prescription- Myopia)