Alek Sims

BMedSc(VisSc) MOpt (Flin), Therapeutic Medicines Prescriber

Alek graduated from Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia, in 2017, with a combined Bachelor/Masters Degree in Optometry with therapeutic qualifications. He received the Award for Clinical Excellence in Optometry for his graduating class. He was also recognised by the Australian College of Optometry as one of the Most Outstanding Graduates for 2017.

He is interested in full scope optometry, particularly in areas of acute ocular disease, contact lenses, dry eye, along with management of chronic diseases such as Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and Diabetic Eye Disease. Originally from country South Australia, Alek has a passion for providing eyecare in regional and rural areas.

During his studies, Alek spent time working in various country areas around Australia, including Indigenous Australian communities in the Northern Territory. Alek was also a volunteer on an aid trip to Nepal where he helped provide basic eyecare to disadvantaged communities.

Alek plans to expand his knowledge in all areas of optometry, particularly Specialty Contact Lenses, Dry Eye Management and Myopia Control.