What to bring

Please bring the following items to your consultation.

• Your Medicare card or Veteran Affairs card. We will bulk bill your consultation directly to Medicare or Veteran Affairs if you are eligible.

• Your health fund membership card if you have optical cover. We are able to make direct claims for your optical benefits from most health funds.

• Your Seniors card if you have one. If you are purchasing new spectacles, please present your Seniors card to our receptionist prior to your consultation.

Cash/cheque/credit or savings card. A 50% deposit is required when ordering spectacles. To provide you with the best possible eyecare your optometrist may recommend additional services or scans that are not covered by Medicare. Payment for any non-Medicare services and scans is required on the day of your consultation.

• A list of any medications you are taking.

• Any information you may have about any family history of eye disease or health conditions that affect the eyes.

Current spectacles, prescription sunglasses or contact lenses.

• The name of any contact lens solutions you use if you wear contact lenses.

Sunglasses. Dilating eye drops are used during consultations and you will be glare sensitive for a few hours after your consultation.